Substitute Teacher

Job Description


Reports To:         Principal

Classification:     Substitute

Status:                Full or Part Time Temporary

FLSA:                  Exempt 


Revised 3/25/2016



General Description:

In the absence of a regularly assigned teacher, effectively manage the learning environment, implement and/or prepare lesson plans, instruct students, evaluate and monitor student performance in order to advance student achievement. Work collaboratively with a team to support instructional activities and maintain a positive school environment consistent with district educational goals and objectives.


Essential Job Elements:


  1. Under the direction of the principal or designee, review and implement all plans, duties and schedules; teach the outlined lesson and maintain established routines and procedures of the assigned classroom as much as possible.
  2. Instruct students in accordance with established curriculum and student need.
  3. Under the direction of the principal or designeed, may develop, implement and evaluate daily lesson plans as needed.
  4. Use and implement classroom management techniques to maintain organization, orderliness, student safety, and a productive learning environment.
  5. Implement instructional techniques to encourage and motivate students.
  6. Maintain and promote an atmosphere which ensures the emotional and physical safety and well being of students and emphasizes mutual respect, self-worth, self-discipline, cooperation, consideration and responsibility.
  7. Monitor control of students, volunteers and or assistants in the classroom, playground, field-trips, lunch room, library, school buses and other areas as assigned
  8. May direct the activities of a teacher assistant and other classroom volunteers.
  9. Maintain confidentiality regarding student, staff and management related information.
  10. Follow local, state and federal law and adhere to Department of Education requirements and Governing Board policies.
  11. Supports with integrity the mission, vision, goals and positive culture of Joseph City Schools.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.



  1. Arizona Substitute Teaching Certificate or other appropriate Arizona Teaching Certificate.
  2. Arizona IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card
  3. Additional endorsements, training, experience and/or certifications may be required for certain assignments.


Mental Tasks:

Read and communicate verbally and in writing. Analyze and evaluate student progress and course curriculum. Develop, implement and evaluate plans. Manage classrooms. Promote learning and ensure safety. Perform functions from written and oral instructions and from observing and listening to others. Evaluate written materials to include written assignments and tests.


Physical Tasks:

Work involves the performance of duties where physical exertion is not normally required to perform all aspects of the job. Assistance is available as required to perform physically demanding tasks. Work involves sitting for extended periods of time, requires moving from one location to another, reaching, stooping, bending, and holding and grasping objects. Visual weakness must not prohibit the performance of assigned duties. Verbal communicative ability may be required of certain positions. Uses audio-visual equipment, including computers and related technology, marker boards, bulletin boards, copiers and printers. May use hand tools, office equipment and power driven machinery.


Working Conditions:

Indoor – classroom environment. Outdoor – all weather conditions and temperatures. Playground or sports field environment. Exposure to noise, dust, gas and fumes.



All staff, students, parents or guardians.



Please see Salary Schedule: Substitute